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Portrait shoot for Vivienne in South Kensington

Portrait shoot for charming Vivienne

Street style shoot for L.K. Bennett London

Street style shoot for L.K.Bennett London with fashion bloggers Belle & Bunty

Autumn pregnancy shoot in Kensington & Hyde park

Lovely pregnancy shoot for a very beautiful couple

Gaurav + Vasudha: Pre Wedding shoot in Kensington & Westminster

Pre-wedding (and proposal) autumn shoot for Gaurav & Vasudha on the beautiful streets of Kensington and

Spring portrait shoot in Kensington and Notting Hill

Spring portrait shoot for beautiful Olga

Portrait shoot in Kensington

Portrait shoot for beautiful Maxi

Autumn family shoot in Kensington and Hyde park

Meet my favourite family in London – Maitri, Kash and their adorable pug Ari, who’s becoming a big

Mark + Vivian: Engagement shoot in South Kensington & Notting Hill

Meet Mark and Vivian – a wonderful couple from California who’s going to marry very soon!

Street style shoot in South Kensington, London

Street style shoot with my favourite fashion bloggers and bridal designers Belle & Bunty

Charis + Rong Kai : Pre Wedding photoshoot in Kensington, London

Meet Charis & Rong Kai, a lovely couple from Singapore. We had a wonderful pre wedding shoot in Kensington &

Engagement Steampunk shoot in Kensington, London

Fantastic engagement shoot for Charis and Rong Kai, a wonderful couple from Singapore. I loved working with these guys,

Viva Autumn! Portrait photoshoot in Kensington, London

Colourful & happy celebration of Autumn with beautiful Daria in Kensington, London

Summer portrait shoot in Westminster & Chelsea, London

Fantastic summer shoot for stunning Victoria

Street style fashion shoot in Kensington, London

Charming Dinara on the streets of Kensington

Love spring, love denim! Fashion shoot in Kensington, London

Airy and chic look inspired by the spring and the 70’s. Style by Aurelie & Angelo

Street style fashion shoot in Kensington

Spring fashion shoot on the streets of Kensington with a beautiful model & fashion blogger Aurelie & Angelo

Fashion photoshoot in Kensington & Westminster, London

Fantastic fashion shoot with stunning Assel

Sharon + Yee Fah Love & Graduation shoot in Kensington, London

Lovely & joyful photoshoot for a sweet couple Sharon and Yee Fah who celebrated their graduation this Autumn

Julia + Anton Wedding photoshoot in Chelsea, London

Lovely wedding photo shoot for Julia & Anton on the streets of Chelsea  

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